Why is this bunch of earth shaped like that?

Why are there round hollows on the ground?

Why is there no grass on this specific piece of land?

What does it mean, when many sticks are braught togehter and piled up?

Is it a message?

Is it a symbol?

Is it a compostition?

Is it a relic?

The series was created around Lake Velence, Hungary.
New structure is being created all around the lake.

Nature is being transformed. Only few people live there all year. In summer it is a vibrating tourist place; in winter it seems to be a dead area. But you find traces of interaction between human beings and nature everywhere.

My expedition started in winter 18.

With the silence around, in my eyes those traces turned into something unknown, mysterious.

I felt like an astronaut. That has just landed there, trying to read the signs that talk about a former civilisation on the skin of this planet.

Who lived here?

And why is noone left?